We work to improve mobility in the world and high prices.

Urba Driver is committed to becoming a 100% electric and zero carbon platform in 2045, with 100% of journeys in zero emission vehicles, public transport or micromobility. and achieve As the world's largest mobility platform, we are committed to taking on the challenge of climate change more forcefully. We will achieve this by giving users more options to travel more sustainably and economically, by helping app partners adapt to electric vehicles and generate sustainable profits on every trip they take, by prioritizing transparency, and by partnering with government and industry organizations. private public transportation, to accelerate the transition to clean vehicles and equitable energy for the community.

Our Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Jhon Alvarez

Our Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

We celebrate diversity

Our goal is to create an inclusive work environment that reflects the diversity of the cities where we operate. A place where everyone can be genuine with everyone and where authenticity is celebrated as a unique strength. By creating an environment where people of all backgrounds can thrive and travel safely and happily, we help make Urba Driver a better company for our employees, customers, and drivers alike.

Executive  Team

Jhon Alvarez 

Executive Director

Peter ArizmendiFinancial manager


Senior Vice President, Marketing and Public Relations area

Niky West

Personnel director

Albert Chain

Vice President of Platform Engineering

Peter Ariz

CEO of Diversity

Aran Fundell

Vice President of security and basic services

Line Arizmendi

General Manager of Product and Delivery

GEorge  Arizmendi

General Vice President and General Director of Personnel

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The Urba Driver Ethics and Compliance Program goal describes our commitment to physical integrity at the highest levels of the company for the Urba team. Transparency is fundamental to an ethical culture, and we achieve it in teams and through our People Integrity Helpline and a set of scalable and business-effective compliance initiatives.