Mission, Vision, & Values of Urba App Driver.

This company is made up of Mexican entrepreneurs. The story of Urba Driver and how he moved to the world with a click and changed the high prices and the abuses with drivers and passengers.

Remember how hard it used to be to pay high prices for trips? Just pay outrageous prices and wait up to 30 minutes waiting for taxis etc. no more.

It sounds nothing complicated; however, the problems came later when it was necessary to calculate the amount to pay, high prices, low commissions for the drivers. And let's not talk about the insecurity one could feel not knowing who you were going with.

They were common problems, but with the technological boom they were solved thanks to the idea of a single man; American. Jhon Alvarez.

CEO and founder of the United States: Jhon Alvarez
With every problem, there is always a solution waiting.
The beginning of Urba Driver occurred back in the year 2020. It was a cold and rainy afternoon in the city of Monterey Ca, United States, when Jhon Alvarez  was driving for (x) company when an accident occurred on the driving route and ( x) The company turned its back on him, they left him without a job, they blocked his driver's account.
The days passed and the problems to get some means of work were increasing. The problem got worse when George Ariz. one day couldn't get even a simple job and that day he decided to start Urba Driver.

It was then when a. Jhon Alvarez came up with an idea: to make a mobile software application that connects with the driver and the passenger to change the very high prices that transport companies have today.

So it was that under that simple idea they founded Urba Driver in 2021, but under the name of Urba App Driver LLC. The first version of the application, which is currently known as a prototype or version, was developed by , Sergio, Cesar, Jonhatan.

Urba Driver and its consolidation

Although today you can get an Urba Driver for less than $6.00. Dollars, the company had originally been created as an app to order Standard cars in some areas of Los Angeles, California, United States. Of course, this made the service more expensive.

Although nowadays you can get an Urba Driver for less than $6.00. Dollars, originally the company has been created as an app to order Standard, Premium, Diamond, Deluxe, Pets, Accessibility cars, in some areas of Los Angeles, California, United States. Of course, so that the trips are much cheaper, paying between $3 to 5 to 10, dollars less than the other transport apps, depending on the distance you travel.

The small company was formed to help the driver earn what really corresponds to him, such as 80% for each trip he makes plus the tips and benefits he will receive for (x) trips,

The small company was made to help the passenger to travel safely because the safety of the user is very important to us, and not to pay those high and exaggerated prices that transport companies charge today.

Urba App Driver LLC, the company that came to change all the bad services and bad payments for drivers and high prices for passengers.

Founded in 2020 based in Monterey  California; USA

CEO and founder:Jhon Alvarez. 

George Ariz

CEO, Vice president

Peter ArizmendiFinancial manager
Line ArizmendiGeneral manager